The Older Brother

The idea for naming this blog came from the parable Jesus told about the lost son (also known as the prodigal son) recorded by Luke in The Gospel of Luke chapter 15. You can find the text here at

This page is a collection of links of my blog entries about this parable and the two sons in it. Of course, if you have not noticed, I tend to associate myself with the older of the two brothers. I am not proud of that. However, God is still working on me.

The Older Brother – Sept 18, 2006

Lessons from a Child #1 – Oct 23, 2006

You Know You Are an Older Brother if… – Nov 27, 2006

Everything I Have is Yours! – Dec 18, 2006

You Might be an Older Brother: Self-righteousness – Dec 21, 2006

You Might be an Older brother: Anger – Jan 8, 2007

You Might be an Older Brother: Exclusivity – Feb 10, 2007

Take Me Home – Feb 15, 2007 (My favorite for now.)

Who is the Older Brother – March 4, 2007

Sinner or Pharisee – March 6, 2007


5 thoughts on “The Older Brother

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  2. I enjoyed reading your blog and how close your life has intersected mine. I was born in Memphis in 1952–and I was raised in Tullahoma. I went to dental school in Memphis in the mid 70’s. My first job after dental school was working for an organization on the Tech campus but I traveled to mostly Sparta and Crossville to work in public health clinics. Even when I lived to Cookeville I enjoyed riding a bicycle–and once we moved to Tullahoma I took up the sport even more. I ride many miles every year and enjoy it greatly. I am president of our local cycling club at and a companion site is which is devoted to our annual century ride. Also, I have been attending the same church here in Tullahoma for decades. Thanks for your story!

  3. Bart,
    Thanks for the lesson last night. I always appreciate how you search the scriptures for wisdom and share it with us.

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