I have always enjoyed watching rain fall. Actually I love to stand out in the rain and watch it fall. The colors, the sound, and the tranquility it brings me. Most of all I love the smell.

I know I am standing in a storm. But I don’t see that. I see the pieces. I feel the wind. Hear the thunder. See the clouds. Smell the water in the air.

Despite the storm around me, I feel peace.

I think about how the rain cleans the air and the earth. It reminds me of the water that cleans me through baptism.

In Spring, the rain makes the flowers grow. The Dogwoods blossom. It makes me think of Christ and his resurrection from the dead. And my new life through Him.

Storms always remind me of the time Jesus calmed the storm while his friends panicked. Life is a storm and Jesus calms storms.

I love rain. I hope you do to.

God bless.