About the Author

The Older Brother comes from the story of the Lost(Prodigal) Son in Luke 15. I am the older brother in my family and  unfortunately I find myself relating to the older brother in the story. I hope I am learning the lesson Jesus was trying to teach. This blog is about my adventure.

Born in Memphis, Tennessee, my family moved just about every two years until I graduated from Franklin County High. My Father, a dentist, decided in 1977 to sell all he had and become a missionary in Liberia, West Africa. This is where my life long pursuit of knowing and loving God began.

I began my college studies at David Lipscomb University in Nashville, TN in computer science and Bible. Later I transferred to UT Knoxville and graduated with a BS in Biology. I received a graduate research assistance-ship to Tenn. Tech. University working for the US Geological Survey. There I completed my MS in Biology.

After graduating, I decided I needed to make a living and quickly moved into a software development position at TCS Software. There I developed The Youth Assistant a very popular and successful data base for Youth Ministry Leaders. After The Youth Assistant, I developed Nspire Church Ministry Management Software. My experience with The Youth Assistant and Nspire has taken me all over the country speaking to ministers and learning about many of their technical needs. Now, almost sixteen years with the company, I am working on Yaptap a small group messaging system.

I have spent time preaching and teaching whenever and where ever I get the opportunity. I consider myself a Jack of all trades and a master of none. I enjoy bicycle riding, reading, my children (from whom I have learned much), and Bible study.

Oh, and by the way, I spell very poorly. Have mercy.